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Department              :           Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Course Number      :           CLS 417

Course Title             :           Clinical Practice in Microbiology

Credit Hours            :           1 + 2 = 3



Course Description:

This final microbiology course involves lectures as well as practical sessions in a hospital Microbiology laboratory. The lectures will deal mainly with specimens received in the bacteriology laboratory, their collection, suitability, and processing. The students will be introduced to the safety measures implemented in the laboratories. They will learn about culture media preparation and sterilization, processing of specimens, isolation/ identification of organisms, and antibiotic susceptibility testing. The diagnostic techniques in the routine Clinical Immunology, Mycology and Virology laboratories will also be taught.  


CLS 417:   Laboratory Schedule


Weeks                                               Subjects



1.                                 Bacterial culture media preparation / sterilisation and review of the commonly used media


2.                                 Urine examination – pH, chemical analysis

                                    Microscopic examination of deposit.

                                    Culture of urine specimens & Identification of isolates


3.                                 Sterile fluids and CSF processing, cultures.and

                           Identification of isolates


4.                                 Blood – collection / processing methods

                                    Subculture of blood specimens for isolation /

                                    Identification of isolates-susceptibility testing


5.                                 Sputum specimens – Macroscopic / microscopic

                                    Examination – Gram, Fluorescent, ZN staining

                                    Culture and identification of isolates.


6.                                 Culture and identification Mycobateria by conventional / automated methods

7.                                 Stools specimens – macroscopic and microscopic  examination for parasites

                                    Culturing of stools specimens on various culture media


8.                                 Isolation / identification of pathogens

                                    Serology of the salmonellas, shigellas, …


9.                              GENERAL BENCH SPECIMENS

                                ( ear, eye, throat, nose,  CSF, pus, genital …)

                                Macroscopic and microscopic examination

                                    Processing of specimens. Isolation , identification

                                    of isolates

10.                               CLINICAL MYCOLOGY

                                Specimen collection; Examination of KOH / LPCB mounts

                                    Review of different culture media used in mycology

11.                               CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY

                                 Review on the different serological tests related to    

bacterial infection diagnosis ( Widal , RPR, VDRL, ASO , CFT tests )

12.                               CLINICAL VIROLOGY

Processing of specimens in Virology  Microscopic  examination of tissue cultures and CPE.      

                       Review of the different serological methods

13.                               Revision 

14.                               Final Practical Examination  


Mid Term Examination(1):              15

Mid Term Examination(2)               15

Absentees & reports                        10

Final Practical Examination:          20

Final Theoretical Examination:     40 


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