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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Scientific Achievements

Unpublished researches:

·       A research under the title of: "Al-Ejtihad and Altagleed/ Interpretative Judgment and convention".

·       Title of Master Degree Thesis: "Al-Etlaf Almashrou in Alfigh Al-Islami/ legal damaging in Islamic Jurisprudence".

·       Title of PhD Thesis: Study and investigation for a book of "Altawdih Shrh Mukhtasar Ibn Alhajib/ Explanation stating Ibn Alhajib Summarized Book", and Mukhtasar/ the summarized book of Ibn Alhajib Khalil Bin Ishaq Almalki who was died on 776H, the part of researcher from this book is: Sujoud Alsaho from prayer book up to the end of Alzakat book.


Published researches:

·       Research under the title of "presenting gift against mercy" published in "Aladl magazine" that issued by ministry of justice in Riyadh, Ed 35. Rajab 1428H.




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