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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Course of Jurisprudence of beliefs / Figh Alebadat (103)

And its vocabulary according to study plan for this semester as the following:

First lecture: Kitab Altahara/ purification book: definition – water judgments – rules of going to toilet.

Second lecture: Kitab Altahara/ purification book – ablution – washing.

Third lecture: Kitab Altahara/ purification book – Altayamum – wiping the slippers – removing impurity/Alnijasa .

Fourth lecture: Kitab Altahara/ purification book: menstruation and confinement – Sunnat of Innateness.

Fifth lecture: semester test (first) – book of prayer: its judgment – calling and starting for prayer/ Azan.

Sixth lecture: book of prayer: prayer characteristic its pillars, duties and its sunnat.

Seventh lecture: book of prayer: volunteer prayer.

Eighth lecture: book of prayer – two Eids – prayer for rain – eclipse.

Ninth lecture: book of prayer: Friday – funeral.

Tenth: semester test (second): Alzakat book – Mukhtasar/ brief.

Eleventh lecture: completion of Zakat book – Mukhtasar/brief.

Twelfth lecture: book of fast – Mukhtasar/ brief.

Thirteenth lecture: Hajj book – brief.


·       The approved reference:

1.   The book of Figh Alebadat/ beliefs jurisprudence for Dr. Abdullah Alamar.

Supported book:

1.   Alomda for Ibn Qudama Almaqdasi in Alhanbali Jurisprudence.

2.   Manar Alsabeel Sharh Alsabeel for Ibn Dhawayyan in Jurisprudence.

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