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484 Algal Physiology, Second Semester 1427


Time:  Sun., 11:00-11:50 AM.

Required Textbook: Algal biology a physiological approach by W. Marshall 1982 &

Prerequisites:  384   Introduction to the algae


Credit hours:                          2

Instructor: Dr. Hend Alwathnani

Office: B7-3fl-565

Office Phone: 478-5493- ext-1452


Office Hours: Mon 9-12

 Description of Course Contents:

Introduction to algae, limiting factors (essential and trace elements), nutritional types, isolation and condition for growth, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, toxic forms, algae morphological variability. 


 Exams Schedule:


Midterm Exam 1:   Sun  1-11-1428

Midterm Exam 2:   Sun  29-11-1428

Final Examination:






Midterm Exam 1

10 %

Midterm Exam 2

10 %


30 %

Final Examination

50 %


Note: Latin terminology is required (writing the terminology in Arabic will NOT be accepted).

Collaboration Policy: Discussion and participation are encouraged. 


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