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384 Introductions to the Algae, Second Semester 1427


Time:  Sun., Tue. 8:00-8:50 AM.

Required Textbook: Phycology by R.E. Lee, 1989 & Introduction to algae by H.C. Bold et.At 1985

Prerequisites:  101 General Microbiology & 101 General Botany        

Credit hours:                          3

Instructor: Dr. Hend Alwathnani

Office: B7-3fl-565

Office Phone: 478-5493- ext-1452


Office Hours: Mon 9-12

 Description of Course Contents:

Definition, classification of algae, morphology and diversity, nutrition, cellular organization,  reproduction and life history, biological and economic aspects of algae, the occurrence and distribution of algae, classification and key to algae orders.


Exams Schedule:


Midterm Exam 1:   Tue 3-11-1428

Midterm Exam 2:   Tue 1-12-1428

Final Examination:




Midterm Exam 1

10 %

Midterm Exam 2

10 %


30 %

Final Examination

50 %


Note: Latin terminology is required 

Collaboration Policy: Discussion and ideas covered in class is encouraged.

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