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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة



Personal Information :
 I am Talal Abdullah Alshammary was born in Riyadh in 1404 AH corresponding to 1984 and lived and grew up in this wonderful city and I am single now.
Stages of the study :
  studied primary school in the Omair Ibn Alhomam school in Riyadh in 1411 AH in 1991 and graduated from primary school with excellent degree  in 1416 AH in 1996.
  in the intermediate stagein the medium-Haritha Ibn al-Nu'man in Riyadh has graduated with excellent degree in 1419, corresponding to 1999.
   studied scientific secondary Ibn Aqil secondary school in Riyadh and graduated with excellent degree in 1422, corresponding to 2002.
    joined the Teachers College in Riyadh (which followed the then Ministry of Education), Department of Physics course in 1423 AH in 2003 and studied by four years and graduated from the end of 1426, corresponding to the end of 2006 with excellent degree with a second class honors and the first order to the Department of Physics and science in general.
Functional status :
Appointed a lecturer at Teachers College, Department of Physics in 1427, corresponding to 2007.
Activities and work within the College :
   supervisor of the Scientific Committee activity in college students during the academic year 1427 - 1428 AH 2007 - 2008.
   Member of Social Committee,Department of Physics, in 1427, corresponding to 2007.
Materials examined in the section :
I studied many of the practical decisions of the division of General Physics of the literary and scientific specialization, and nuclear physics laboratory, and modern physics laboratory, a laboratory wave phenomena.

Personal scientific interests :
I love physics in general, but particularly and find myself interested in Quantum Mechanics and physics of solids.
How to contact me :
Welcome to visit me in my office in the Department of Science Division of Physics at Teachers College at King Saud University, or through my E-mail 

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