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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Name: Abdulhakeem Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Qasem

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Saudi  

Date of Birth: 1391 h

Place of Birth: Riyadh

Position Title: Lecturer

Current Place of Work: College of Teachers, King Saud University

P.O. Box: 242210 Riyadh 11322


A member at the Saudi Committee for the Holy Quran Sciences at Imam University.


-         Bachelor Degree from Shara'a College, Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University in 1415 – 1416 H.

-         Master Degree at a study titled "Qur'anic Context Evidence & its effect on Qur'anic exegesis, an applied theory through Ibn Jarer' explanation. Imam University in 1420 H.

-         Preparing the Doctorate Degree at King Saud University at exegesis. Study title "the pronouns and its effect on the exegesis, a study for the pronoun that depends on Alhas at detailed party.

Books and Articles:

-         Prayer's Chapter that shake the mosques and praying places But, an exegesis for The Opening Chapter, published of Islamic Montada 1426 H.

-         Writing Articles at the Muslim Soldier Magazine at exegesis some Chapters in 1428 H.

Media Participations:

-         Almajed Channel, The Holy Quran Branches Program.   


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