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أسئلة شائعة


Name: Saleh Ibrahim Al-Nafisah.

Place & Date of Birth: Riyadh, KSA, (1391 H.)

History of Career and Education:

Bachelor – Science – GPA(4,45) with Honorary Degree From Riyadh Teachers college 1413 H.

I joined King Saud University to study additional courses for one year so the overall credit hours of my Bachelor is (175) credit hours.

I worked in Teaching and supervising in Riyadh Public Education from 1414 H to 1417 H.

I got an honor certificate in professional performance as the best Science teacher in Riyadh for the year 1415 H.

I was charged with full supervision on intermediate and secondary school of Jareer Private schools for two years.

I moved to Riyadh Teachers College 1420 H as a TA. In curriculum and Teaching Approaches Dept.

I got a Master degree in general curriculum 1422 H. from Education College, Curriculum and Teaching Approaches Dept., King Saud University with GPA (4,80), the theses was the participation of teachers in the development of science curriculum in the elementary school.

I prepare a PhD. At Curriculum and teaching approaches dept., King Saud University, The title of the dissertation is ( )

I participated in conducting seminars to the governmental and civil sectors.

I currently work as an educational consultant at al- Obaikan Co. for research and development.

I took part in preparing Scope and sequence series of McGraw-Hill to be applied in various Gulf States.

I participated in preparing a document for science competences to the end of the 9th grade: Program for achievement Test of the Member Countries of the Arab Education Office for the Gulf States- Third Session.

I took part in technical support for the electronic scientific curricula 2006 administered by intel international.

 I currently prepare a research paper entitle: Epistemological Thoughts for the Hi School Students and their link to Strategies of self organization and of metacognition with professor Khalid Al-Hodhaifi the Dean of Education at King Saud University.





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