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Al Besher, Adel A.

Personal Information

Marital status: Maried

§     Nationality: Saudi

§     Birth Date:1370 H

§     Religion: Muslim

§     Academic Degree: Master

Academic Certificates (qulification)


1- Bachelor in Mathematics and Physics – King Saud University-Education College- Mathematics department 1394H- 1395H.

2- Master Degree in Mathematics Education Methods – Colarado University in USA- Boulder 1401H

3- Current Job: Lecturer  in Teachers Colleges- King Saud University- since 1401 until now.



1-Course in Modern Mathematics by 1396H- Ministry of Education.

2- Course in Modern Directions in Mathematics Education in 1397H- Ean Shams University- Education College – Egypt.

Educational  Experiences


1- Mathematics Teacher  in intermediate school for three years.

2- Lecturer in Teachers Colleges in Riyadh- Mathematics Department since 1401H until now.                                                                   .  

Adminestrative and Scientific Eperiences, and Activities 


1- Head of Mathematics Department for 15-years since 1401H until now.

2-.Giving a lecture in Administration of Education about how to teach mathematics in elementary school.

3- Organizing a course for elementary schools' teachers with Diploma Degree of scientific institutions.

4- Sharing to enact mathematics subjects of Teachers Colleges for each Bachelor Degree in Elementary School Education, and Bachelor Degree in Mathematics Path.

5- Sharing in contracts' commissions to bring staff members for Teachers Colleges and Girls' Colleges.

6-Making the mathematics courses for Physical Education College.

7-Teaching the course (Principles of Mathematics) at Immam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University.

8- Sharing in commissions of choosing the assistant professors for Teachers' Colleges.

9- Sharing in commissions to unit the mathematics courses between both of Teachers' Colleges and King Saud University.

10- Sharing in commissions to put the measurement tests for choosing educational grades teachers. 

Courses have been tought

1- Mathematics Lab

2- Mathematics in Muslims

3- Algebra( scientific )

4- Algebra( literary )

5- History of Mathematics

6- Geometry plane

7- Calculus(1)

8- Statictic and Probability(1)

9- Basis Mathematics

10- Algebra and Geometry

11- Visiting Schools

12- Math. In Elementry Schools grade 1_6



1- Elementary Mathematics Today

   Avesousce for teachers grades 1 – 8

   Elizabeth Williams and Hillary Shuard

   Addison-Wesky publishing company 1976

2- Mathematics Education Methods

    Dr.Ali al-Daffa'a and others_ Dar Al-Lewaa publishing-1983

Searching Interests


1- Interesting in modern searches about Mathematics Education Methods.

2- Concerning about searches in field of Modern Directions in Teaching Mathematics.

3- Looking about scientific and educational searches in how to teach mathematics in the 1st three years of elementray school grade 1-3.

4- Interesting in reading books and articles about using fractions' sections in elementray school education.

5- Searching about how to solve the mathematical problems.


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