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Faculty Of Arts – history department


Role of Aramco in the Eastern  Region Development



thesis by

Abdullah bin Abdulrahman AlAhmary


Supervised by

Dr.Abdullah bin Nasser Alsubaiey


This thesis was submitted to obtain  the  doctorate degree in history




 The importance of the subject lies in giving light  upon the role of Aramco  in developing the  Eastern region  , besides  giving the  civilizational  effect  and basics of  modern urbanization with its comprehensive influence upon the society , however the region before the coming of Aramco and exploring oil .. was arid from any  mean of development with its already known measures as the situation was of all the gulf regions and the Arabian peninsula.. However the researcher has done this thesis  in order to clarify the Aramco effect in development , and about the reasons  encouraged it  to develop  that region , Also to know what are  the  phenomenon of change that such development  has affected upon the economical , cultural ,and social fields . the researcher  has done  preface six chapters and conclusion ,

  The preface included a summarized presentation for the geographical  situation  of  the  region , and a historical  hint  about  the Aramco taking the right  of  exploring and producing  oil , then a presentation for the activity in the region before oil production .

 The first chapter entitled  with .. the role of Aramco in the economic development  in the eastern region , including  an introduction  about the acknowledging  clarifying the conception of development ., then the relationship between  development .. and social change   then he  points out  in details  the motives  of Aramco  in participating  the  development  being followed with a survey   for the fields of development  shared by Aramco  in  giving  working opportunities  with what related   salaries and wages , returns of the saving system, compensation  and pension  then  a presentation  for Aramco contributions in giving technical assistance in developing  the industry of private sector . handling  some of  the company  contracts , carting, with suppliers  and  local salesmen ,  the financial  facilities for  the private  sector  followed by a hint  about  Aramco efforts  in the field  of  natural gas investment  for the international  companies , that chapter ended  with a presentation of Aramco efforts in the economical development  agencies  in the kingdom . after  that there is a hint about the  influences of such developments upon the society .


 For the second chapter is entitled  with Aramco role  in transportation and  urbanization   where the researcher handles that subject from many sides  starts  with a hint  about  roads and means  of transportation  before oil  however the  second  axis   was about the  role of Aramco in providing  the service of  transportation . clarifying the  role of Aramco  in paving new ways . also its role in  building the  Dammam port  and  building the Saudi Railways . in the third  axis it presents  The  habituation in the eastern region  before oil , then a clarification of Aramco  role in urban  development ..talking about the  role  of  giving possession of houses , then the program of  city planning , then a presentation to its  economical , urban and social influences  ..

 The  third chapter   talked about the  health service in the eastern region . where  the researcher   handles the  subject through two axis.. the first one  health service before oil the second one was the role of Aramco in providing health service  in the eastern region  which presents  the role of Aramcon in  medical  treatment , in building health centers , encouraging the private health sector ,  the cooperation with the  official

Health system , then about the role  of Aramco in  prophylactic medicine  through the program  fighting  Malaria . program  of trachoma researches . then a presentation of Aramco efforts  in the  vaccination campaigns against the  epidemic diseases  such as smallpox  , lung  tuberculosis  ,measles and  health  guidance  and enlightenment .

  In the fourth chapter he talked about the  role of Aramco  in the agricultural development  and water projects . the  researcher  has reviewed the  subject through  several  axis .. first  role  of Aramco in Agricultural  development ,,through building model guiding  farms in Qatif and Huffuf .. also participating in the  Agricultural center of Experiments  in Qatif And Huffuf, besides Alfaisal model agricultural project in Haradh , in addition to  efforts in agricultural protection  from  blights .. also the role  in building  chicken farms .and fishing ,  besides its contribution in putting out sand project  in Ahsa ,finally encouraging  farmers  in buying their crops , the second axis  is Aramco role  in water projects  through digging wells  in different locations in  the eastern  region , also its contribution in the project of  turning away  water and irrigation  in Qatif , however the third axis .was   the influence of development and water projects as well.

 The fifth chapters handles  the scientific life , where the researchers  began with a hint about the education in eastern region before oil , then the role of Aramco in Education and the early training  for its employees ,, then a presentation in building the schools in its different stages  male and female , besides the programs of  studying abroad  for the non employees , in addition to a hint about recruiting  the students in summer holidays .

 The sixth chapter for  the Aramco  role in  cultural life ,proceeded by a preface about  culture before oil then a presentation  of Aramco cultural efforts through  Aramco Radio and Television ,making an entertaining programs , libraries ,publishing  newspapers and magazines ,  then reviewing the scientific studies about the Arabian peninsula  that were done by Aramco , then a presentation  of Aramco cultural influences upon the region .

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