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General Biology (101 BIO) for  Non-Scientific Departments Students


First: Plant section (Theoretical Part)


A - Plant Science and Life

- The Importance of Plant for living organisms and Environment

- Some miracles signs on Plant

Brief information about some living organisms

- Viruses: Properties and Economical importance.

- Bacteria: Properties and Economical importance.

- Fungi: Properties and Economical importance (Rhisopus stolonifer and Agaricus sp.).

- Algae: Properties and Economical importance (Euglena sp. and Fucus sp.).

- Spermatophyte: Gymnospermae (Pinus sp.) and Angiospermae (Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons).


B- Morphology of the flowering plants:

– The Root (The root divisions, regions, and modifications).

– The Stem (The Stem Divisions, Buds, Branching, and Modifications).

-  The Leaves (The leave parts, types, venation, and modifications).

The Flower and The Fruits (Flower parts, Pollination, Fertilization, and the fruits types).

- The Seeds (The stem parts, germination, and the necessary conditions for germination.


Second: Plant section (Practical Part)

- Bacteria: (Slides of Cocci, Bacilli, and Spirilla)

- Fungi: (Slides of Rhisopus stolonifer and Agaricus sp.).

- Algae: (Slides of Euglena sp. and Fucus sp.).

- Spermatophyte: Gymnospermae (Pinus sp.) and Angiospermae (Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons).

– The Root (The Root Modifications).

– The Stem (The Stem types and Modifications).

– The Leaves (The Leaves types, Venation, and Modifications).

– The flowers and The Fruits (Calyx, Corolla, Androecium and Gynoecium). Types of fruits.

– The Seeds and Germination (The Seeds parts, Hypogeal Germination and Epigeal germination).



Midterm exam                                    10 grades

Activities                                            5 grades

Final Practical Exam                          10 grades

Final Theoretical Examination            25grades



The References

The Bases of General Botany. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Araidh, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Askar and Dr. Abdukarim Ayash. Al-Homaidi Press. Riyadh. 2005.


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