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Abdullah Ali Al-Kahtane

Teachers College in Riyadh
B.O.Box 4341  Riyadh

Office: (01) 4454-916

Mobile: 0506-285894




Ph.D. in Animal Sciences, , University of Minnesota, USA 2001

Concentrations: Animal Physiology

M.S. in Animal Physiology, King Said University, College of Science, 1995

B.S. in Biology, King Said University, College of Education, 1990





Dean of Academic Affair and Research,2006-present

Deputy Ministry of Teachers Colleges


Deputy Dean of Academic Affair,2005

Teacher's College in Riyadh


Deputy Dean of Student Affair, 2003-2005

Teacher's College in Riyadh


Assistant Professor, 2002

Biology Department, Teacher's College in Riyadh


Lecturer , Fall 1998

Biology Department, Teacher's College in Riyadh





1- A Al Kahtane, Y Chaiseha, M El Halawani (2003) Dopamenergic Regulation of avian prolactin gene transcription. Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 31, 185-196.


2-  A Al Kahtane, M El Halawani (2002) Involvement of extra- and itra-cellular Ca2+ in the regulation of PRL secretion by VIP and dopamine in turkey pituitary cells. Poultry Science 81, 28.


3-  A Al Kahtane, M El Halawani (2001) Regulation of prolactin gene expression by vasoactive intestinal peptide and dopamine: Role Ca2+ sinnaling. Poultry Science 80, 174.


4-  A Al Kahtane, M El Halawani (2004) Activation of L-type Calcium Channels by VIP Induces Prolactin Gene Expression in Avian Pituitary Cells: Involvement of Protein Kinase C (PKC) Federation of European Physiological Societies.




Member of Several commettees in the Suadi ministry of Education: Natinal Committee of preparing Teachers, Counsiel of Faculties in teachers Colleges, and committee of Academic Research.


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