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·        Personal information:

Name: Khalid I. Al-Nafisah
Place of Birth: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date of birth: 1387 H (1967)
Marital status: Married with children

• Education:
- He completed primary, intermediate and secondary studies in Riyadh in 1403-1404 H (1984)
- He joined Saudi Arabian Airlines, Reservation office in Riyadh in 1405 (1985).
- He studied at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, major English and obtained BA degree in English and Translation in 1412 (1991).
- He transferred to MODA (Military Institute of  Languages) to continue his higher Studies to obtain MA and PhD. in the United Kingdom in 1416 (1995).
- He obtained his MA in Applied Linguistics with ELT. from the University of York in 1997 A.D. The study entitled "Evaluation Study for  English Language Syllabus for the Third Secondary Grade Students in Riyadh."
- He obtained his PhD. degree in Applied Languages from the University of Wales / Swansea in 2001. The study entitled "A Study of the Curriculum and Methodology for the Teaching of English in Saudi Arabia with Particular Reference to Learning Difficulties Encountered by Students".


·         Administrative experience:

- He worked in Saudi Arabian Airlines as a sales agent then he was promoted to senior agent.

- He moved from Saudia Airlines to work as a teacher for English at the Military Institute of Languages at the Ministry of Defense and Aviation in 1993.
- He worked for one year as a translator in the Department of Translation at Presidency Court of Ministers Council in 2003.
- He was appointed as an assistant professor at Riyadh Teachers College in the Department of Curricula Instructions and Teaching Methods (specializing English language).
- He was appointed as Head of the English Department for three years from 2003- 2006.  
- He has been appointed as vice-dean for Academic Affairs in 2006 till now.

• Practical Experiences:
- He received numerous sessions during his work at Saudi Arabian Airlines in different fields such as, communication and art dealing with  others, and others.
- He worked as radio broadcasters at Riyadh Radio before emission.
- Member of Saudi Linguists Association..
- Member of the National Committee for English Curriculum at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.
- Member of the Scientific Committee of English Language for Teachers Colleges.

-         A consultant for the Ministry of Higher Education since three years till present.
- He attended many seminars, forums, and national and international conferences inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
- He attended all sessions presented by the National Committee of Accreditation and Academic Evaluation, including the preparatory session of trainers.
- He published two articles in the magazine “Curriculum” (second edition 2001) and the magazine “Core” (second edition 2001). Another article was accepted for publication in 2007, and there are two articles on their way to publication.
- He participated actively in the World Youth Forum in Malaysia in 1993.
- He participated in many cultural, sports and lectures Activities in the Radio and Television Media.
- He has considerable experience in the field of travel and aviation through its former work in airlines and through traveling and residence in the United Kingdom for several years.
- He has prepared a summary for the sessions of the English Language at the Military Institute of Languages.
- He has prepared the tests for admission to Teachers Colleges and the Military Institute of Language.
He has received many letters of thanks and appreciation, and trophies during his career for more than twenty years.


• Address:
P. O. Box 50725 Riyadh 11533,

Saudi Arabia.

Telephone and Fax: (0096614454916)


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