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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة




Dr. Essa Bin-Nasser Bin-Ali Al-Dreby

Associate Professor,

Quranic Studies Dept .

Teachers college's


1.     Bachelor of the Holy Quran and its Sciences, 1414, Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion, Imam Mohamed Bin-Saud University, Riyadh (with an 'Excellent' Grade).

2.     Master Degree in the Holy Quran and its Sciences, 1418, Imam Mohamed Bin-Saud University, Riyadh (with an 'Excellent' Grade).

3.     Ph.D. in the Holy Quran and its Sciences, 1423, Imam Mohamed Bin-Saud University, Riyadh (with the first honor grade).

4.     A Licence in the Holy Quran with the Hafs-from-Assem narration.

Memberships and participations:

1.     Staff member in the Quranic Studies Department, Teachers' College, King Saud University, Riyadh.

2.     Member in the administrative and the executive boards of the Charitable Center for the Holy Quran and its Sciences in Riyadh.

3.     Head of the Office of the International Organization for Inculcating the Holly Quran sponsored by the Islamic World Organization, Riyadh.

4.     Member of the Saudi Scientific Society for the Holy Quran and its Sciences.

5.     Member of the Administration board of the Saudi Social Awareness and Habilitation Society.

6.     A Founding Member in the International Club for Moderateness, Amman, Jordan.

7.     Honorary Member in the Charitable Society in Sibyaa, Gazzan.

8.     Participant in Several International Scientific and Missionary Conferences in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Malaysia, and Emirates.

9.     Member of the Asian Committee in the International Symposium of Moslem Youth from 1419 to 1425.

10. An activist in Islamic Work in China from 1418 up to now.

11. Head of the Arabic World Committee in the General Secretary of the General symposium of Moslem Youth from 1425 up to now.

12. A Cooperator with Tuition Affairs and Scholarships in the International Symposium, and a supervisor of Chinese Students in Imam Mohamed Bin-Saud University, King Saud University, and the International African University in Sudan.

13. Head of the Summer Activities Program for Scholarship Students that was held in 60 countries in 1415 under the auspices of the International symposium.

14. General Director of Dar Al-Qods charitable Female Society for Inculcating the Holy Quran in Riyadh.

15. Imam of Prince Sultan Bin Abdelaziz Mosque in Al-Qods Neighborhood, Riyadh from 1415 up to now.


1.     Al-Samin Al-Halaby's methodology of interpretation in his book Al-Dour Al-Massoon in the sciences of the Holy Book, an M.A. (Under publishing among the University theses selected by the dean for scientific research in Imam Mohamed Bin-Saud Islamic University).

2.     Fath Al-Mannan in the interpretation of the Holy Quran by Al-Hassan Akesh Al-Damdy from the beginning of the Book to Surat Al-Maeddah, Ph.D. Dissertation.

3.     Views on the wondrous nature of the Holy Quran: A Research to be published in the Journal of Educational and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Education, King Saud University.

4.     From the milestones of facilitation in the predecessors' interpretation: A Research to be published in the Journal of Quranic Studies, King Fahd Assembly for Printing the Holy Quran.

5.     The successful dialogue in the light of Prophet's dialogues: A judged research.

6.     Terrorism is a form of distorted thinking, so how can we treat it? A paper presented at the cultural week of the Literary Club in Gazzan, 1425.

7.     The predecessors' methodology in dealing with art: A research presented to the First Scientific Meeting on Moderateness held by the Ministry of Islamic affairs in Gazzan, 1426.

8.     The ties of graduates of Saudi Universities: reality and aspirations. A paper presented to the First Meeting of the Staff Dealing with Scholarship Students in Saudi Universities.

Significant Conferences and Meetings

1.     The Meeting on Family in Islam held by the International Symposium of Moslem Youth in cooperation with the Society of Japanese Moslems and the Arabic Islamic Institution in Tokyo, 2003.

2.     The Meeting of Korean University Students held by the International symposium in cooperation with the Islamic Korean Union in Seoul, 2003.

3.     The Third National Conference on Youth of Justice and Development in Fass in Morocco, 1425.

4.     The Summer University of Algerian University Students in the Pomerdas Campus in the summer of 1426.

5.     The Seventh conference of Koliet Al-Sharia on the wondrous nature of the Holy Quran held by Al-Zarqaa University in Jordan, 1426.

6.      The Conference on the Scientific Role of the Moderateness Trend in the Reform and Growth of the Nation organized by The Club for Moderateness in Thinking and Culture, Jordan, 2004.

7.     The International Conference on the Methodologies of Interpreting the Holy Quran and Hadith, the International Islamic University in, Malaysia, 1427.

8.     The Fifth National Meeting for the Youth of Justice and Development, Maknas, Morocco, 2006.

Attended workshops on

1.     Developing the skills and abilities of missioners, the Society for Human Development.

2.     The skills of negotiating and managing meetings, the Society for Human Development.

3.     Managing organizations and charitable work, the International Symposium of the Islamic Youth.

4.     International law and human rights, the Saudi Red Crescent.

5.     Strategic planning.

6.     The administrative evaluation of competences, Saber Al-Khalig Center.



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