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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

  Name: Mohammad Fawzan Al-Omar.

Educational Qualification: Assistant Professor.


Career History:

- Teachers College, Quranic Studies Dept. / from 1410 H. Up to now.

- A member of the Saudi Scientific committee for the holy Quran and its Sciences.

- A member of the Contracting committee in the ministry of education during 1425 H.

- A member of the committee of Citation Domain in the Ministry Agency of Teachers Colleges.

- A member of the committee of Citation Diploma in the Ministry Agency of Teachers College.

- A member of the Scientific Committee of Islamic & Quranic Studies in the Ministry Agency for Teachers College from 1425 H. to 1427 H.

- A member of the Jury Committee for the Holy Quran Competition in the Ministry of Education from 1420 H. to 1421 H.

- A member of the Jury Committee of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for The Holy Quran and the Prophet Tradition in National Guard in 1424 H. to 1426 H.

- Participated in the discussion of a number of Master and PhD Theses.

- Revised the Quran Citation of the Secondary School textbooks in the Ministry of Education.


1- Al-Fatiha (verses) Citation (Applied Study), judged research, second edition, Darrul-Hadarah.

2- Readers "citers" permission, Judged research, first edition, Darul-Hadarah.

3- How to Teach Citation; Conditions and regulations, judged research, King Fahad Assembly magazine for printing the Holy Quran, Vol. 1, Muharram (the first month of the Islamic Year) in 1427 H.

4- Investigating (Ashatibiah Explanation for Imam Jalal Al-Deen Al-Seotee), In press.

5- A judged research in the Efforts of Sheikh Ali Mohammad Al-Dhabba'a in Quran Reading Science.

6- Islamic Nation's Care of the Holy Quran Across Ages: Models & examples, A judged research.

7- Investigating the book of the letters in which Qaloon diverged with Warsh- Makey Abi Taleb Al-Qaissy, 437 H- A judged research.

8- Common Mistakes in Reading The Holy Quran among elementary school students in governmental education- a judged research.

9- The Efforts of the Oriental Researchers in Quranic studies: investigations and publications- a judged research.


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