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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Assets of Public Education


Course Code: 101 Edu.

Credit hours: 1.



This course aims to exposure the student to the roots of the educational process, and that it goes back to the society culture in addition to the psychological and economical factors. This course also seeks to make sure that students understand that every society has its own style in teaching according to its culture and current conditions and according to its future expectations. The course also seeks to identify some educators' point of views.


Course Titles

·       Education ( features and concept- functions and origins – its importance and links to other knowledge fields) 

·       The bases of education : origins; historical, religious, social, economical, political, philosophical, psychological and cultural)

·       Types of education (intended and unintended education) the difference between education and teaching.  

·       Education means (family, school, mosque and society)

·       The basic pillars of the educational process ( school, teacher, students and curriculum)

·       The education along ages ( the old education style, the ancient Indian education, the Chinese education, the ancient Egyptian education, the pre-Islamic era education, Arab-Islamic education, current education, development era education, education in the reformation era, current education)   

·       Education and culture ( culture definition, elements, general features, the relation between the culture and education, levels of culture, the importance to know culture)

·       Educational figures (Chinese  Kamfashious, the Greek age Plato,the Roman Contlean, Islamic Gazali, Islamic ibn Sahnoon, current age John Dewey.



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