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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


The Education System in the Saudi Arabia


Course Code: 202 Edu.

Credit Hours: 2.


This course aims to help students to determine the theoretical bases of the education system, and to comprehend that education system is a part of any country's identity. In this course, the student should cover the policy of the education system in the kingdom as well as its phases and what the kingdom achieved in every single phase, and what disadvantages it encountered.  

Course Titles

·       The concept of education system and factors affecting it through systems analysis.

·       The historical frame of the education system in the kingdom and factors affected its formation 

·       The kingdom's education policy (sources, general and sub-goals, how to alternate policy to a work and practice and managing the education system in the kingdom) 

·       Pre primary school, intermediate, secondary (the origin of each period, its development and its disadvantages)

·       Higher education ( origin, establishments, functions, achievements and disadvantages)

·       Teacher preparation in the kingdom ( origin, development, education vacancies Saudization)

·       Technical education and vocational training (origin, development, disadvantages)

·       Private education (origin, development, disadvantages and achievements)

·       Adult teaching in Saudi Arabia and the efforts in literacy. 

·       Educational development in the Saudi education: Saudi education and development, challenges, present a model from the Arab & foreign countries education systems and compare them with the Saudi system.

·       A future vision for the development of the Saudi education system. 



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