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Previous Courses Taught During the Past Years

101 phys. ( General Physics for colleges of Science and Food & Agriculture Sciences)

  PHYS 101 General Physics (I) (3+1)

Reflection and refraction of light, lenses, optical instruments, wave theory of height, interference, diffraction and polarization of light.  Electrostatics, electric current and DC circuits, electromagnetism and AC circuits, electrical instruments.  Introduction to quantum theory, atomic spectra, X-rays, properties of nuclei, radioactivity.

104 Phys ( General Physics for Colleges of Engineering and Computer &  Information Sciences)

 PHYS 104 General Physics (II) for Engineering (3+1)

Electricity and Magnetism: Coulomb’s law, electric fields, Gauss’ Law, electric potential, potential energy, capacitance and dielectric, currents and resistance, electrical energy and power, direct current circuits, Kirchhoffs rules, magnetic fields, motion of charged particle in a magnetic field, sources of the magnetic field, Ampere’s law, Faraday’s law of induction, self inductance, energy in a magnetic field, mutual inductance, alternating current circuits, the RLC series circuit, power in an A.C. circuit, resonance in RLC services circuit.

105 Phys ( General Phys for College of Architecture Engineering &Planning)

  PHYS 105 General Physics for Architecture Engineering Students (2+1)

1.                 Mechanics: Scalars and vectors, speed, velocity and acceleration, free fall, motion in a vertical plane, Newton’s laws of motion.

2.                 Properties of matter: Density, elasticity, Young’s modulus, shear and bulk modulli, Fluid pressure, fluid flow.

3.                  Wave motion and sound: Waves, resonance, sound, interference of waves, sound intensity.

4.                  Light: Reflection, refraction, elimination, image formation, the lens equation, magnification, the telescope, spherical mirrors.

5.                 Heat: Temperature, Thermal Expansion, Boyles and Charles Laws, Ideal gas law, Internal energy and heat, Specific heat capacity, Heat Conduction, Convection and radiation.


6.                  Electricity: Couloumbs’ Law, electric field, potential difference, electric current, Ohm’s law, determining wire size, electric power, resistors in series and parallel, ammeters, voltmeters and ohmmeters, A.C. circuits.

106 Phys ( General Phys for Colleges of Medicine , Pharmacy , Applied Medical Scinses and Dentestry


PHYS 106 Physics for Health Science Students (3+1)

Pre-requisite: None

Specific Course Objectives: This course is designed for students in Health Science to enable them to appreciate the basic concepts of physics which are relevant to their further studies.

1.        Mechanics:

a)   Basic Principles of Mechanics: Units & dimensions, vector analysis, velocity & acceleration, forces, Newton’s law of motion, gravity, work, energy, power.


b)   Properties of Fluids (liquids): Continuity equation, pressure, flow of ideal liquid, Bernolli's equation, Blood pressure measurements, simple medical applications.


2.      Basic Electricity and Magnetism:

Coulomb’s law, electric field, electric potential, capacitance, steady electric currents, Ohm’s law, Kirchhof's reules.


3.      Optics (6 hours):

            Nature of light, reflection and refraction of light, mirroes and       lenses, human eye, simple optical instruments, simple medical            applications.


4.      Modern Physics (Atomic & Nuclear Physics):

Electromagnetic spectrum, photon, wave properties of matter, atomic structure, Bohr atom and atomic spectra, X-rays, Nuclear radiation, interaction of radiation with matter, radiation units,  nuclear hazards, medical applications.

209 Phys ( Biophysics)

  PHYS 209 Biophysics (3 credit hours)

Animal mechanics, properties of fluids, heat and heat flow in biological systems, nature of sound and sound intensity, applications on sound hearing, echolocation, use of ultrasound in medicine, nature of light, applications on image formation, resolution of eye, mechanism of vision, colour vision, biological effects of UV and visible radiation, radiation biophysics, radiation dose and its measurement, RBE multitarget theory, laser in medicine.

221 Phys ( Electricity & Magnetism)

  PHYS 221 Electromagnetism (3 credit hours)

Electrostatics, Gauss Law and its application, Capacitors, The magnetic field of conductors with different shapes, Ampere’s law and its applications.  Induced electromotive force, Faraday’s law.  Lenz’s law, magnetic properties of matter, analysis of AC circuits, resonance in series and parallel circuits

353 Phys ( Modern Physics)

  PHYS 353 Modern Physics (I) (3 credit hours)

The special theory of relativity.  The particle like  properties of electromagnetic radiation.  The wavelike properties of particles.  The Schrodinger equation.  The Rutherford-Bohr model of the atoms.  The hydrogen atom in wave mechanics.

381 Phys ( Radiation Physics)

  PHYS 381 Radiation Physics (3 credit hours)

Definitions of radiation quantities and doses and their units, instruments for measuring personal doses, radiation monitoring and radioactive contamination, biological effects of radiation, external and internal radiation exposure, radiation protection and shielding,  recommendations of IAEC, protection against different radiation sources, decontamination, radioactive waste management.

481 Phys ( Nuclear Physics 1) 

  PHYS 481 (Nuclear Physics-I)     (3+0)

Interactions of nuclear radiation  with matter.  Nuclear reactions; conservation laws, cross sections. Compound-nucleus reactions, direct reactions, fission.  Nuclear Models.

482 Phys ( Nuclear Physics 2) 

487 Phys ( Nuclear Physics Laboratory)

  PHYS 497 Nuclear Physics Laboratory (2 credit hours)

Geiger Counter

Absorption of Nuclear Radiation

Counting Statistics

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Using NaI (TL) and (SCA)

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Using NaI (TL) and (MCA)

B-Ray Spectrum Using Magnetic Spectrometer

B-Ray Spectrum Using (MCA)

Neutron Diffusion

Study of a-particle Spectra.

Gamma-Spectra Measurements with Paraffin Surrounding the source 

498 Phys ( Research Project)

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