Ghadah Ahmed Hamza omair

place of birth : AlRiyadh

Academic degree : Bachleorer

current job : Assistant lecturer email -

Citing three languages spoken and written (Arabic-English-French). In good experience in the use of the computer programs for designing and drawings becoming fond of children and to learn everything that is new. As I possess a cooperative spirit and I like to help others and the desire to complete postgraduate studies.

Career History :

1-  An honorable-field training cooperating in the College of Education Section kindergarten King Saud University in Riyadh with Chapters I and II of the academic year 1426 \ 1427 and the first semester of the academic year 1427 \ 1428, and I am still at the head of Labor.  

2- worked as a kindergartens teacher in Dar Al- olume schools igibility for the academic year 1419 \ 1420 and 1420 \ 1421.


3-worked as a technical and teaching aids in Riyadh al Ghamea of King Saud University in Malaz for the academic year 1416 \ 1417 and 1417 \ 1418.

  Bachelor'degree College of pree school Education, King Saud University, Riyadh 14/2/1416 (estimate in a very good rate and cumulative 4,25 out of 5)

Sessions and partnerships

1-participate in workshops special     training to supervise the training filed of kindergarten education curriculum developer of the application and conduct and guide us by Dr. Huda Al-Amil Chief of faculty of education in King Saud University over the chapters of the 1998/1999 academic year 1426 \ 1427 for Migration 0

2-providing workshops processing environment instructional staff and educational training for supervisors field (1)

3-Member of the Committee on field training Section kindergarten

4-application workshops on curriculum developer and direct behavior with students at the seventh and eighth level for the academic year 1426 \ 1427 and the first quarter 1427 \ 1428 .

5-writing and publication of a number of educational and cultural articles in the businessmen magazine.  

6-participation in the preparation and organization of the festival childhood all in the service of the nation, which was held in the Great Hall Library, University of King Saud in Malaz at the end of the academic year 1417 \ 1418.

7-attend the workshop for the strategies of kindergarten  teachers training at the Studies Center in olaysha

Uppermost and hobbies:

1-writing stories, especially children, I have write a series composed of (28) stories, each story is about one of the Arabic alphabet letter with characters and pipeline design and painting to be published .
2-reading, travel and learning foreign languages.  

3-learn the computer programs, especially the designing and drawing programs for activities and stories of children  


Date of birth: 22 \8 \1970

 Marital status: Married, with two children .