Personal Information:

 Name: Abeer Anad Helael Alanazi          

Date of birth: 10/11/1402 H.

 Marital Status: Married .

 Certificates: Bachelor in Kindergarten.

 E-mail: abe_402@hotmail.com

 Address : P.O Box 321681 Riyadh 11343

 Job: Teacher at King Saud University – Kindergarten dept.


 Academic Qualifications: 

1-    Graduated from King Saud university in Kindergarten in 1425 H.

2-    I have got an estimated and thanking certificates from the kindergarten dept on continuous cooperation in all fields.

3-    I have got a thanking letter from general manager of the Minerat school on ( the workshop )of ( how to direct behavior) .

4-    I have got a thanking letter on " how to direct behavior) from kindergarten dept of Minerat school. 

5-    I have got an attendance certificate from "ministry of education" infants Saudi committee lecture.

6-    I have got a certificate from the specialized institute for computer in office program for six months with excellent degree.


 Practical experiences:

1.          I worked as a supervisor in King Saud university" Kindergarten dept" for two and half years.

2.          I had got or attended workshop on how to attitude infants behavior and organizing class the environment classed for 96 hours.

3.          I had introduced workshop on " how to attitude the children in King Saud university for 16 hours.

4.          I had introduced workshops to the teachers of " Al-Minerat school"

5.          I attended the seminar on " how to evaluate the quality in kindergarten" by Dr./ Nahla Mohamoud Gamil .