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Smoking Awareness Workshop


Date: 2008 Mar 16th- Mar 18th

Venue:  College of Applied Medical Sciences, Ground Floor Hall

Objectives: This workshop was held to aware the students and staff about the harmful affects of active smoking as well as passive –second hand smoking- on the whole body systems in general and on the oral cavity in particular.


·      Demonstrators: Hadeel Mohammad Ayoub & Nuha Ejaz Ahmad

·      Anti Smoke Charitable Association

·      Interns: Amani Alai

·      Students: Dental Health Department Students from all levels


Activities done:

·      Smoking cessation program booth

·      Videos of the affects of smoking on the oral and pharyngeal cavities displayed on laptops.

·      Oral hygiene instruction booth

·      Pamphlets, CD’s, giveaways booth

·      Interactive discussion session about the causes that lead to smoking, how to control them, possible ways to prohibit smoking in public areas


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