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Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information

Name: Nuha Ejaz Ahmad

Date of Birth: 19th Dec 1983

Material Status:  Married

Nationality: Saudi                                                                                                                                        

Address: P.O.Box:416, Riyadh 11411, K.S.A                                   

Telephone: +966-504-848-529



Educational Cualifications

2001-2006:         Bachelors of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene,

                           College of Applied medical Science, King Saud University, Riyadh

1987-2001:         School Education,

                            Riyadh Schools, Riyadh, K.S.A



2006 Mar.4th – 2006 Jul.3rd:   Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital

2006 Sep.9th – 2007 Jan.8th:   College of Dentistry in K.K.U.H and K.A.A.U.H

2007 Jan.13th2007Apr.10th: King Abdul-Aziz Medical City for The National Guard


Conferences & Workshops Attended:


2008 May.7th:  Local Anesthesia for Dental Hygienists


2008 Apr.12th-Apr.14th :  The 12th International Saudi Dental Society Meeting


2007 Nov.29th:  " Contemporary Preventive Dentistry Concepts, Management and Prevention of Maxillofacial


2007 Jun.18th:  Contemporary Preventive Dentistry Symposium


2007 Apr.7th-Apr.9th:  1st National Guard Symposium & Workshops for Dentists, Hygienists, Dental Assistants & 



2007 Apr.9th:  Implant for Dental Hygienists & Dental Assistants Workshop

                       1st National Guard Symposium & Workshops for Dentists, Hygienists, Dental

                       Assistants & Technicians


2007 Apr.7thBleaching for Dental Hygienists Workshop

                       1st National Guard Symposium & Workshops for Dentists, Hygienists, Dental

                       Assistants & Technicians 


2007 Jan.29th-Jan.31st: The 18th Saudi International Dental Congress of the Saudi Dental Society


2006 Apr.24th-Apr. 27th :  2nd Jeddah Dental Esthetic Conference


2006 Jan.28th-Jan. 31st: The 17th Saudi International Dental Congress of the Saudi Dental Society


2005 Oct. 2nd: Periodontic Plastic Surgery and Esthetic in Implant Dentistry


 2005 Jan.10th-Jan. 13:  SDS Annual scientific and IADR Saudi Arabian Section Meetings


2005 Feb 6th: Self-Etching Adhesive: Versus or in Addition To Phosphoric Acid Etching and Ultraconservation 

                     Treatment Options in Esthetic Dentistry


2005 Mar.1st-Mar. 3rd:  1st King Saud University Symposium in Disability and Rehabilitation



Work Experiences and Career:

 2007 May- Recent Date:

--> Working as a teacher assistant, demonstrator, clinical instructor for undergraduate

 students in K.S.U, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Dental Hygiene Department.

2004 – 2006 During Study Period:

à Lectures in promoting oral health were given for:

     -Mothers of the preschool children in K.S.U day-care center.

     -Mothers of the Blind children in Al-Noor school, Riyadh.

     -Mothers of the Deaf children in Al-Amal school, Riyadh.

     -Mothers of the children with Special Needs in Al-Waleed Center & Al-Awail Center, Riyadh.    

     -Pre & postnatal patients in K.K.U.H, Riyadh.

     -Al-Rowwad High School students, Riyadh.

     -Al-Jazeera Kindergarten children, Riyadh.

* Besides the lectures, oral hygiene instructions were individually given for all children with the help of posters, games, jaw models & dental cleaning aids.

à Gave a seminar about "Dental Anxiety, Dental Fear, and how to manage it".

à Have done a graduation research project on "Knowledge of Pharmacists about Dental Health & Dental Care Products".

à Have also worked on a project as a co-researcher on "Promoting Oral Health Care among Children with Special Needs".

à Have been the class leader for the last two years.

 Internship Period:

 2007 Jan.29th:

à Contributed in The 18th International Dental Congress by a scientific poster intitiled " Pharmacists Knowledge in Oral Health Products in Riyadh", which was held at King Fahad Cuktural Center, Riyadh.

2007 Jan.13th –April 13th:

à Working in King Abdul-Aziz Medical City for the National Guard in: Hygiene, Perio, Ortho, and Pedo Clinics.

2006 Sep. 9th – 2007 Jan.8th:

à Worked in the Perio Clinic, Dental College, K.K.U.H, Riyadh.

à Attended lectures in advanced perio twice/week, Dental College, K.A.A.U.H.

 2006 Apr.1st-Jul 31st:

à Worked in the Department of Dentistry, Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh in the following:

     - Perio Clinic, did scaling, root planning, & assisted in various perio surgeries.

     - Implant Clinic, did scaling, root planning, assisting, & observing.

     - Ortho Clinic, scaling, assisting, & observing.

     - Hygiene Clinic, and Pedo Clinic.

à Attended weekly lectures regarding Periodontology.

 2006 Mar. 4th-Mar. 29th:

à Worked in the Medically Compromised Center, Armed Forces Hospital Riyadh.


 Society Memberships:

An active member of The Saudi Dental Society.

A member of Dental town & Hygiene town magazines.



Language Skills:   Arabic Native language.

                            English Fluently spoken, written.

 Computer Skills: Web browsing.

                           Certified in Microsoft Office (word, excel, and powerpoint).

Interests and Activities:

Photography, swimming, exercising, and reading.





Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Kuraif          Dr. Kawkab M.A. Al-Turck          

Head of Dental Health Department             BDS, MSc.                                                       

      College of Applied Medical                        Dental Health Department                               

Sciences, KSU                                             Collage of Applied Medical                              

Office#: 966-1-435-5010 Ext: 200              Sciences, KSU                                                  

Mobile#: 966-5-542-99995                         Office#: 966-1-435-5010 Ext. 204                                     

 Email:                       Mobile#: 966-5-022-10137                                                                                                                         



Dr. Randa F. Abidia

      BDS, DDPH,RCS,MSc, PhD

Previous Associate Professor                                         

      Dental Health Department                               

Collage of Applied Medical                             

Sciences, KSU                                                  

Mobile#: 218-9-287-01472




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