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DEH 472

Oral Hygiene for the Young


Course Description: This course is scheduled for LEVEL 9 students.  It teaches the students how to apply oral hygiene measures on the young public. The course includes several visits throughout the semester to different kindergarten and elementary school children. Two visits are required to each school, the first visit is to the mothers or care givers. It includes a power point presentation and pamphlets. The second visit is to the children which includes a small play, followed by a small competition with gifts to encourage the children, oral hygiene instructions and small give away bags with toothbrushes, toothpastes and coloring books.


Course Place: 1. King Saud University KG in Malaz.

                              2. King Saud University KG in Ilaysha.

                              3. King Saud University KG in Dariyyah.


Date & Time: Depends on the Schools.


Course Outline:

1.         Group meetings with the instructor to discuss PP outlines, play, pamphlets.

2.        A second meeting to rehearse.

3.        Assessment on every visit.

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