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DEH 242

Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene


Course Description: This course is scheduled for LEVEL 5 students.  It is basically an introduction to the clinical practice. It prepares the students from A-Z to the coming clinical sessions by practicing in a Phantom Laboratory.


Course Place: King Saud University, Dental College at Malaz.


Date & Time: Monday from 12:00 to 02:00


Course Outline:

1.         Practicing the infection control measures.

2.        Clinical preparation.

3.        Patient reception.

4.        Positioning of the patient and clinician.

5.        Introduction to the disposable and non disposable materials.

6.        Introduction to the instrument.

7.        Scaling.

8.       Polishing.

9.        Rubber dam application.

10.    Fissure sealant.

11.     Topical fluoride application.

12.    Demonstration of local anesthesia infiltration.

13.    Time management.

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