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DEH 361

Dental Radiology -1-


Course Description: This course is scheduled for LEVEL 6 students.  It is basically an introduction to the clinical practice. It prepares the students from A-Z to the coming clinical sessions by practicing in a Phantom Laboratory.


Course Place: King Saud University, Dental College at Malaz.


Date & Time: Sunday from 01:00 to 03:00


Course Outline:

1.         Introduction to the infection control procedures.

2.        Introduction to the x-ray units, films, and dark room.

3.        Practicing safety measures in x-ray room.

4.        Film processing.

5.        Anatomical land marks.

6.        Periapical x-rays for all 20 CMS in paralleling and dissecting techniques.

7.        Bitewing x-rays for all pre-molars and molars.

8.       Introduction to the panoramic (OPG) exposures.

9.        Interpretation.

10.    Countinuess assessment throughout the sessions.

11.     Final Exam.

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