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Curriculum Vita


** Name :  Adel ben Abdelaziz  ben Ali  Alglovy

** Current Job :   a collage teacher .

** Place of Work : College of Education –Islamic Cultural   Department   , specialization : Interpretation of the Holy Koran .

**  Post Office Box : 37311 Riyadh 11439 .

** E-mail : 

Educational Background :

** I have studied Bachelor of arts from King Saud University ,   College of Education –Islamic Cultural   Department   , specialization : Interpretation of the Holy Quran  and Hadith   .

** Master: King Saud University, College of Education, Department of Islamic Studies, Division of Interpretation

** Ph.D.: University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Faculty of Theology, Department of Quran and its Sciences

** in 1422 H. I was honored as the Best Student from King Saud University  .

** in 1422 H. and 1423 H.   I was honored as the Best Student from  College of Education .

Experience & Past activities :

** I have prepared many classroom researches  :-

-  The  Interpretation of   Surah Tagabun in an objectively way .

- criticism to the book of (  the Old   Egyptian language interprets   he Holy Quran  ) .

-  the case of flog the guilty of adultery or fornication  before stoning : : new study .

- a study of the book ( Altamhebd ) ( Preface )by Aben Abdul bar Alqurtby  .

- Altadles (the Fraud ) : definitions , kinds .and the famous people who defraud or cheat .

- working in the project of (the doubt people who telling hadith   in the book of Tahzeb Altahzeb) ,by Iben Hagr .

- a little review to the book (the mistakes in hadith Sarif ) .

- elections of Imam Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn Al ala Al Qushayri in the science of the Koran, a collection and study .

- Book: Error statement century history, and the stability that issa was born in summer not winter, and to respond to those who say that being born winter of Muslims and Christians .

** in 1424  H  I have worked as a teacher .

** Since 1428 H. a faculty member at King Saud University .

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