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  311 PDS Sessions


           In this part, all demonstration will be done in the class room by the course director or co-director, and all the contributor will attend in the class room with their respective groups. After that all groups will apply it on each other. All students must complete the clinical exercises on patient management clinical examination and periodontal instrumentation. From week #9 till the end of the first semester, the preclinical session will be from (2:00-3:00 MUC) only, then from (3:00 – 4:45 MUC) student will work on their patients.

Week #



Introduction to forms/course outline, objectives, distribution of marks.




How to do initial interview with Patient? Dental/Medical history Patient’s position  & Operator’s Position


Demonstration of intraoral examination & probing


Demonstration of radiographic examination


Demonstration diagnosis. Tooth by tooth diagnosis and oral diagnosis.


Demonstration of prognosis &. treatment planning


Bleeding index and Plaque index


Oral exam


2:00-3:00 Patient motivation. Demonstration of different brushing techniques on models. Demonstration on models, how to use the different types of internal aids.

3:00 First patient (Polishing case).


3:00 Continuation of patients


2:00-3:00 Introduction to Periodontal Kit. Periodontal instruments &Instrument recognition

3:00 Continuation of First patient


2:00-3:00 Sharpening and how to handle the instrument and operator position.


Finalization of case No. (1).


            This part will involve the treatment of patients with gingivitis and early periodontitis.  Upon completion of this part, the student should be able to:

    1. Recognize and discuss the etiology, diagnosis, treatment planning and prognosis for mild/early periodontal diseases.

     2. Diagnose, make a treatment plan and carry out treatment of patients, involving routine preventive care and non-surgical periodontal treatment to patients with gingivitis and mild periodontitis as well as accurately interpret and evaluate the results of treatment rendered.

            Clinical sessions are assigned to practice on patients with early periodontal disease(s).


            Students must satisfactorily complete the following requirements:

1.         Finish at least four (4) clinical cases:

·                    One oral hygiene case in which the student get the confidence of diagnosing patients, practice of periodontal probing, patient education, oral hygiene instructions and polishing.

It is a must for the student to a finish this case by end of first semester and submitted to the course director.

Hygiene cases will not be counted as part of the requirement during the second semester.

·                    Three cases of gingivitis and/or early periodontitis in which the student can practice scaling and root planing, by both hand instrument and sonic scalers.

·                    One reevaluation case.

    2. It is expected that the student will perform satisfactorily in both the clinical and the written components of the course.

    3. Regular and prompt attendance in the lectures and clinical sessions.

    4. Complete and methodical record keeping of all patients is needed.

    5.  Completion of the clinical requirements is needed with the acceptable level of clinical skills and quality of work.

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