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Example of oral examination questions

-         Define dental plaque, and what the composition of plaque .

-         Mention all parts of periodontium.

-         What are the classifications of periodontal disease.

-         What is the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis.

-         How does the bacterial plaque adheres to the tooth structure.

-         Describe the role of plaque in periodontal diseases.

-         Define the dental calculace. Mention the types and theories of formation of the calculace.

-         What are the effect of overhanging restorations on periodontium.

-         What are the function of saliva and crevicular fluids.

-         Define truma from occlusion. Describe the clinical and radiographical changes associated with truma from occlusion.

-         Role of diabetes in periodontal disease.

-         Mention the stages or sequence of treatment plan.

-         What is the rational for scaling and root planning.

-         What are the types of healing after perio. Therapy.

-         Mention the types of periodontal surgery according to the objectives.

-         Classify the periodontal instruments.

-         What are the differences between universal and gracey curette.

-         Describe the various brushing techniques.

-         Define and classify furcation involvement.

-         What is the difference between amputation and hemisection.

-         What is the biological width.

-         What are the advantages of periodontal splint.        

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