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King Saud University
College of Dentistry
Department of Preventive Dental Sciences
Division of Periodontics


311 PDS

Clinical Periodontics I


3rd Year Student

Textbook:  Carranza Clinical Periodontology, Carranza, Newman, Glickman

10th Ed (2006), W.B. Saunders Company

                   Course Directors:         Dr. Hamad Al-Zoman [DUC]

                   Academic Year 2007 – 2008G [1428-1429H]



             This course consists of a didactic, pre-clinical and clinical components. It will cover the following:

      1. The Periodontium in health.

      2. The etiology, the pathogenesis, and the diagnosis of periodontal disease(s).

      3.  Principles and techniques of disease prevention therapy.

     4. Instrumentation, knowledge and practice of periodontal instruments.

     5. Examination, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of patients with early periodontal diseases.


CREDIT HOURS:     4 credit hours


At the end of this course the student should be able to present:

     1. A record including a history, examination of the oral tissues and develop diagnosis, discuss prognosis and make treatment plan followed by discussion with clinical supervisors.

     2. Motivate and instruct a patient in oral prophylaxis.

     3. Distinguish between healthy and diseased periodontium.

     4. Identify plaque and calculus (supra- and sub-gingival) & know how to remove it.

     5. Use and care of instruments with rationale.



Example of Exam Questions:


             I. Clinical Evaluation

                  1. Oral/ Clinical Examination                     10%

      2. Routine Clinical Evaluation                    40%

      3. Behavior / professionalism                    10%


                                          Total               60%

          II. Written Examination

                 1. Continuous Assessment                        05%      

                 2. Mid-year examination                            10%

                 3. Final examination                                  25%


                                                       Total               40%


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