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Name:-                                                                                  Quiz # 2

                                                                                                              344 math

Q:- Make True  or  False  with reasons:-


1)   If  I and J are both ideals of the ring R then I  J  R.(        )


2)   Every field is a principle ideal domain.(        )


3)   If the element a R is nilpotent then its image f (a) is nilpotent in R where f: R→R be a homomorphism. (        )


4)   R is a field of quotients of Z.(        )


5)   Let  : R→R  be a ring homomorphism

         if I  R . Then (I)  R.  (        )


6)   Let I be an ideal of a ring R such that r  R, re-r I and er-r I.

     then R/I has identity. (        )

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