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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

  coursse number : RHS 331

  course title : clinical studies 1 ( practical part 25% of the course)

  credit hours : 1

Ojectives of clinical and practice training:

on successful completion of clinical practice , the student should be able to :

1- initiate communication with patients, colleagues and other members of health care team.

2-know value of patient assessment in orthopeadic physical therapy.

3- organize, analys and interprete the assessment data.

4- arrange problem of the patient.

5- formulate relastic rehabiltation aims ( short and long term goals )

6- create individulized rehabiltation program.

7-write documentation about every patient they have seen.


student assesment methods:

1- clinical to assess student ability to recall information and to show skilles under the stress of examination.

2- oral to assess students ability to recall and present information under the stress of examination.

3-continous training of every student according to her participation in practice, dealing and attitude withe patients and her colleagues.


 course outline



Week 1

Lumbar region


Week 2  

Hip region



Week 3

Knee region


Week 4

Ankle and foot



Med term exam


Week 6

Cervical region


Week 7

Shoulder region


Week 8

Elbow region


Week 9

Wrist and hand


Week 10

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