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Speech Language Pathology2 – RHS 374

Practicum Quiz



1)      (T/F) There is a standard case history form used in all settings by speech language pathologists.

2)      (T/F) Information provided in written case histories is always complete and accurate.

3)      Indicate whether the following questions are open-ended or closed ended:

·      What language is spoken most often at home? Closed- ended

·      Describe your concerns about your child's language? Open-ended

·      Does your child use verbs? Closed-ended

·      Does your child follow simple commands? Closed-ended

4)      A child case history form is typically completed by parents or child's caregiver

5)      Name the types of language assessments used in the Downs Syndrome center

Developmental Scales, Behavioral Observations.

6)      The most formal type of language assessment is standardized tests

7)      List two benefits of written case histories

Identify topics requiring further clarification.

Preselect appropriate evaluation materials and procedures for use during the evaluation session.

8)      Match items in the left column with items in the right column.

1.        b  Meningitis                         a. developmental delays.

2.        c  Ear Infection                     b. permanent deafness.

3.        a  Prematurity                        c. temporary hearing loss.

4.        e  Hypoxia                             d. voice disorder

e. deficiency in oxygen.

f. specific language impairment.

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