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Speech Language Pathology 2

RHS 374

CREDIT HOURS: Theory-2, Clinical – 2


Course Description:

Study the basic types and nature of childhood language disorders. Also, the concentration on diagnosis and treatment for developmental disorders of language, therapeutic methods and the follow-up for therpeutic sessions. Also, the course develops the skills to handle patient clinically.

Practical aspect of this course includes familiarizing students with the clinical tools used in diagnosing language disorders in children and different therapeutic approaches. 

1.      Visiting centers –schools for children with Down's syndrome, autism. Observation of assessment protocols and intervention procedures in a school setting.

2.      Visiting hospitals- Examination of assessment and treatment procedures of language disorders associated with varied etiological factors.


Week 1: Course introduction

Week 2,3,4: Center for children with Down's syndrome

Week 5,6: Center for children with Autism.

Week 7-13: Hospital

Week 14:Submisson of clinical report. 

Reviewing the following: Case history taking, Interview methods, types of language assessment.

Week 15: Quiz



Recommended references:

·         Rhea Paul, (2001).  Language Disorders from Infancy through Adolescence-Assessment and Intervention. Mosby, Inc.

·         Shipley, K.G. and McAfee J.G. Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology- A Resource Manual.





·         5% Attendance and professional conduct.

·         8% Clinical Report.

·         7% Quiz

Total:  20%


AssessmentProcedures.pptxAssessmentProceduresاسيل سليمان قدهى القدهى
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