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Articulation Disorders

RHS 373

CREDIT HOURS: Theory-2, Clinical – 1



 Study of the nature of different types of speech disorders in children and adults. Showing the basic theories of assessment procedures, therapeutic methods and how to use them in planning and to apply treatment. Also, the course develops the skills to handle patient clinically.

Practical aspect of this course includes introduction to the management of clients with articulation and phonological problems including evaluation, treatment and follow up. That will be acheived by:

1.       Visiting hospitals-observation of clients with articulation problems associated with functional and organic etiologies. Focusing on types of diagnostic instruments, various therapeutic approaches.

2.       Visiting the university preschool-Each student will develop an informal articulation test and administer it on children with normal articulation and phonological processes and children with articulation, phonological disorders.


Week 1

Course Orientation

Week 2-6

Hospital visits: Students will be divided into2-3 groups.

Week 7,8

Universiy Preschool: Students will be divided into 2 groups-

 Administering the articulation test on children with typical speech language development (ages 4-6).

Week 9,10

University Preschool: Administering the articulation test on children with typical speech and language development (ages 3-4)

Week 11, 12

University Preschool: Administering the articulation test on children with articulation disorder associated with different etiologies (e.g. Downs syndrome, hearing impairment.)

Week 13

Submission of school reports.

Week 14


Recommended References:

Shipley, K.G. and McAfee, J.G.   Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology- A Resource Manual. Singular Publishing Group, Inc.

Roth, F.P. and Worthington, C.K.  Treatment Resource Manual for Speech-Language Pathology. Singular Thomson Learning.

Hodson, B.W. and Paden, E.P. Targeting Intelligible Speech- A phonological Approach to remediation. Pro.ed.


5% Attendance and professional conduct.

3% Articulation test.

6% Assessment report.

6% Case presentation.

Total 20%

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