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Speech Language Pathology 1. RHS 249

Practicum Quiz


1.      What are the major tasks of a speech clinician?




2.      A child case history form is usually completed by :Childs Parents or care giver


3.      Rapport means: Good, Professional, comfortable relationship between the therapist and the client.


4.      (  F  ) Diagnosis refers only to labeling a disorder.

5.      (  T ) SLPs are independent professionals.

6.      ( T ) Premature babies are at risk for developing speech and language problems.

7.      ( F ) It is recommended that a clinician asks only predetermined questions during an interview.

8.      (  F ) Downs Syndrome is an example of a functional cause of speech language disorder.



9.      List three clinical tools used for assessment by a speech language pathologist.

Case History



10.  Match items in the left column to items in the right column.


A.      Convulsions                           (  B   ) Loss of  oxygen

B.      Hypoxia                                 (   D  ) temporary hearing loss

C.      Meningitis                              (   C  ) permanent hearing loss

D.     Ear infections                          (    A ) seizures

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