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                                                   RHS 249

                                Speech & Language Pathology - I -

                              CREDIT HOURS: Theory- 1, Practical-1


A study of the fundamental processes in communication to include the functions involved in verbal and non verbal communication. A consideration of the factors influencing normal development of human communication skills. An overview of speech profiles, classification and etiology of communication disorders.

Practical aspects of this course include the following:

  1. Exploration of the acquistion patterns of normal language development with reference to: form, content, and use. Students will prepare and listen to audio samples of children who are at various stages of speech and language development.
  2. Developing observation skills by watching video tapes and answering questions.
  3. An introduction to clinical tools- case history taking, interview methods.


Week 1: Course introduction.

Week 2: Vocal development (ages 0-12 months), audio samples.

Week 3: students audio samples (ages 0-12 months).

Week 4: Milestones of early communication development (ages 12 months-5 years).

Week 5: Students audio samples (ages 12 months-5years).

Week 6: Video 1,2

Week 7: Video 3

Week 8: Introduction to clinical tools.

Week 9: Quiz

  Recommended References:

Shipley, K.G. and McAfee, J.G. Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology- A Resource Manual. Singular Publishing Group Inc.

Rhea Paul. Language Disorders- Infancy through Adolescence- Assessment and Intervention. Mosby Inc.

Siverman, F.H. Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders. Thinking Publications.



Assignment 1   2%

Assignment 2   3%

Assignment 3   3%

Video 1,2,3      4%

Quiz                6%

Attendance      2%

Total 20%

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