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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Particulars:

Name               :           Fawziah Bint Abdullah Bin Salem Al Harbi.


Academic Background:

  • B.Sc Special Education.

Department : Special Education

Focus: Learning Difficulties

Grade: Excellent with 1st honor

GPD: 4.79

Position: Demonstrator

Joining Date: 1427/1428H.


Tasks Performed before Employment:

1.                  Learning Difficulties Teacher for 8 months.

2.                  Participation in planning, Organization and Direction of the welcome Program activities for the new female students in the Special Education Department.

Administrative Duties:

1.                  Member in the Examinations Committee.

2.                  A member in the Assessment and Development Committee.

3.                  A member in the Academic Guidance Committee.

Attended courses & Workshops:

1.                  A course in Compute (Basics of Data Entry).

2.                  A training course in the Development Characteristics.

3.                  A workshop entitled ( Counting Strategies and its Applications in Behavior Amendment)

4.                  A workshop entitled (The educational needs of the Learning Difficulties Children and Management Strategies) along with the activities of the international conference of learning difficulties.

5.                  A training course entitled( Creative Teaching, and the Development of the Creative Thinking Skills of  those suffering from learning difficulties.

6.                  General Supervision on a course entitled ( Strategies of Teaching Children with Learning difficulties)for the field training female students.

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