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                       Course Syllabus:

                    2nd semester 1429\1430H


Course Code : opto 456

Course Title : ( Toric Contact Lens )

No. of Credits : 2 ( 1 theory + 1 Practical )

Pre-requisite : opto 355 + opto 354

Level at which this course is taught : level 8



 Objectives :

In this course , the students are required to know , Advanced types of contact lenses like toric contact lenses , Presbyope CL., Therapeutic and cosmetic contact lenses , and their different fitting types and procedures .

   Course Description :-

No. of Lectures


No. of Weeks

1st. lecture

Ocular Measurements

1st. week

2nd. lecture

Tear Test( Shermer Test )

2nd. week

3rd. lecture

Tear test ( TBUT )

3rd. week

4th. lecture

Toric contact Lens Prameter (power+Diameter)

4th. week

5th. lecture

Mid Term Exam


6th lecture

Toric Contact Lens Fitting (part1)

6th week

7th lecture

Toric Contact Lens Fitting (part2)

7th week

8th lecture

Toric Contact Lens Evaluation (part1)

8th week

9th lecture

Toric Contact Lens Evaluation (part2)

9th week

10th lecture

Toric Contact Lens Correction

10th week

11th lecture

Contact lens Indication & Contraindication

11th week

12th lecture

How to Select Patient

12th week

13th lecture

After Care  

13th week

14th lecture

Fitting Practical

14th week

15th lecture

Final Practical Exam

15th week

Lectures Time : Saturday from 8.00 am to 10.00 am


References :-

* Clinical Contact Lens Practice , Edward S. Bennett , 2005

* Clinical Procedures in Optometry , J.Boyed Eskridge,1991


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