590 BCH: Selected Topics in Biochemistry

(3+0) credit-hours

 1st Session

This course  provide students with the background needed for participation in higher studies. Students taking this course will be eligible to continue advanced studies. The course is divided into 3 sessions. This session is intended to help students refine their reading, debating and problem-solving skills. Classes include lectures as well as reading and discussion of primary papers. The emphasis is on basic principles as well as experimental design. Readings consist of recent and classic research papers relating to a central problem in Biochemistry and molecular biology. It consists of detailed discussion of one paper accompanied by a student oral presentation of relevant background material. During the semester, each student will develop and orally defend a limited research proposal based on the discussed papers.

Kindly, I encourage you to collaborate with each other to choose a research article concerning eukaryotic molecular genetics, cell biology, cancer or apoptotic signaling.    


1) To encourage the student to read the current literature.

2) To put into practice the student's evolving skills in article critiquing and knowledge of the broad biochemical literature by selecting high quality recent articles for group presentation. The effectiveness of this learning process will be gauged by both the quality of the presentation and by the article selected.

3) To gain experience in effective seminar presentation, public speaking, and leading discussions.

4) Based on the direction of current literature and the importance of certain areas of biochemistry, the student will be able to suggest areas of research that will likely soon become of increasing importance.







 Biochemistry Journals