577 BCH: Biochemistry of Blood 

 (2+0) credit-hours.

Review of blood composition. Erythrocyte, leukocytes and platelet composition and metabolism. Hemoglobin and porphyrin metabolism. Metabolism of iron and its storage disorders. Factors affecting blood clotting mechanism. Inherited disorders of hemoglobin (e.g. hemoglobinopathies, porphyrias, sickle cell anemia). Bilirubin metabolism. Hyperbilirubinaemia.

Dear Students: Read these topics carefully; prepare to discuss them with me. Then, you will be ready to prepare presentation: 

1- Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Outcome of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia With the t(4;ll) (q21;q23): A Collaborative Study of 40 Cases

2- A simplified Flowcytometric assay identifies children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who have a superior clinical outcome



 lectures 577

Haemopoiesis.pptxHaemopoiesisد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
hemoglobin catabolism.pdfhemoglobin catabolismد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
Review, Composition of Blood.pptReview, Composition of Bloodد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
Review, Erythrocytes and Platelets.pptReview, Erythrocytes and Plateletsد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
Reivew, Hemoglobin.pptReivew, Hemoglobinد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
Review, Leukocytes.pptReview, Leukocytesد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemias.docxAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemiasد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني

 students presentation & Homework

Alia Qneibi.pptAlia Qneibiد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
Mona Al Harbi.pptMona Al Harbiد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني
Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaMona.pdfAcute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaMonaد. جيهان جاويش الحسيني

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