1. 1/1/1430 (BCH232)
  2. 1/1/1430 (BCH275)
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 على الطالبات الغائبات في الإمتحانات ولهن أعذار مقبولة التوجة للمكتب لتحديد ميعاد إمتحان بديل قبل العاشر  من جمادى الاّخر
Dear students (443): your final exam will not included 1st and 2 nd chapters

Dear Students (435): If you want to get bonus /7, Choose one of these techniques to research.

* RT-PCR, and the difference between it and PCR

* Fast dot ELISA, and the difference between it and Western Immuno Blotting 

The conditions:

·         Use Word program in writing (not accept any file direct from internet).

·         It should included right references

·         The rules of writing should be followed (font 12, line spacing 1.5, etc)

Then, (Next Sunday at 9:00 pm, I will be on line to receive them)

*Send it to my university e-mail.

*Wait my reply, I'll ask you one question about your topic. 


H1N1 Pandemic Preparedness 

Dear All:

You may be interesting in downloading the15- page pandemic preparedness booklet "Be Prepared, Be Well: How to care for yourself and the people you care about."   It contains information that could be useful to you, your families and others in your circle. The booklet - which originated at VCH and was further adapted by VIHA with input from BCCDC -- provides general information about pandemic H1N1 influenza, how individuals and families prevent and prepare for H1N1 and seek medical care. Be Prepared, Be Well" is available at www.viha.ca/NR/rdonlyres/62E9CAEF-87BC-444A-9126-8A21478D56C2/0/be_prepared_be_well_final_22oct09.pdf