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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

 Sample Questions


(1)                    Features of moderate dehydration may include each of the following, except.

    A.                 Sick looking child

B.                 Oliguria

C.                 Depressed anterior fontanel

D.                 Sunken eyes

E.                  Dry mucous membrane


(2)                    Diarrhea is an important feature of: 

A.                 Peptic ulcer

B.                 Acrodermatitis enteropathica

C.                 Ancylostomiasis

D.                 Diabetes Mellitus

E.                  Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis


(3)                    Intestinal biopsy is pathognomonic in:                      

A.                 Celiac disease

B.                 Protein-energy malnutrition

C.                 Endemic tropical sprue

D.                 Abetalipoproteonemia


(4)                    Clinical features of celiac disease may include each of the following, expect:                      

A.     Manifests a few months after introduction                            

       of gluten-containing foods.

B.     Chronic diarrhea

C.     Growth failure with multiple deficiencies

D.     Abdominal distension

E.            Anorexia

F.            Response well to folic acid/B12


(5)                    Features of cystic fibrosis may include each of the following, except:

A.                 Chronic/recurrent diarrhea from early


B.                 Recurrent respiratory infections from early infancy

C.                 Growth failure

D.                 Anorexia

E.                  High incidence of rectal prolapsed and nasal polyp.


(6)                    Cystic fibrosis may present in a newborn as each of the following expect:

A.                 Meconium ileus

B.                 Meconium peritonitis

C.                 Ileal atresia

D.                 Duodenal atresia


(7)                    Which of the following is not a manifestation of acrodermatitis-enterpathica?

A.                 Chronic diarrhea

B.                 Multiple congenital anomalies

C.                 Symmetrical bullous skin lesions

D.                 Loss of hair


(8)                    Important clinical features of congenital megacolon include each of the following,


A.                 Constipation right from birth

B.                 Abdominal distension

C.                 Growth failure

D.                 Palpable loops of bowel

E.                  Loaded rectum



 1:       (B)                     2:       (B)                     3:       (D)                    4:       (F)

5:       (D)                    6:       (D)                    7:       (B)                     8:       (E)


















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