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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

-T.A Abdullah Bayen Al-harbi.

-Date of birth 1981 Riyadh- kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-Educational Exeperience:

High school diploma Riyadh 2001.

B.A history dept.king saud university Riyadh-Saudi Arabia 2005.

-worked on history researcher at king AbdulAziz foundation for research and archives.

-Teacher assistant(T.A)history dept,faculty of arts kingjjj saud university 2007.

-General major:Islamic history.

-Spcific major: Arabian peninsula history in Early Islam.

Currently, I am a member of Arab historians` union, a member of history and archaeology of Gulf states union counci , and a member of Saudi historical association.

- I was being a member of the committee that regulated the scientific seminar of King Saud history, which had been organized by King Abdulaziz foundation for research and archives at Riyadh on November 2006. I worked as coordinator for the prize and the donation of prince/ Sulman bin Abdulaziz in the studies of Arabic peninsula history in its second round that had been embraced by King Abdulaiz foundation for research and archives. I had also sufficient experiences in indexing books. 

-Adminstrative activeties:

coordinter of the senior project at the history dept & Member of the student affairs committee.

-Research intrest:history of islamic civilization & andlos history.

-Address:P.O.Box 58566,Riyadh 11515,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-Phone No:0556192978-014673795 .

-Fax No:014674095.


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