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NUR 363

NUR 363


Credit Hours: 1+4

Pre-requisites for this course:  NUR 353

Co-requisites for this course: NUR  362

For practical rotation:

Each student should pass by all of the following areas:

            1-Ante-Natel  department.

            2-Labor and Delivery  department.

            3-Post-Natal  department.

I am the clinical Instructor for the students in labor and delivery department.

So, Generally By the end of this course the student will be able to:

1 a. Comprehend the essential deviations from normalcy during pregnancy, labor, puerperium and children from birth through adolescence.

b. . Establish short term and long term plan of care based on identified need/ problems of the mother and child from birth through adolescence with     critical health problems

c Identify  the value of preventive, promotive and rehabilitative role during maternity and childhood

Psychomotor skill:

a. Perform assessment of health status of mother and child under stress.

b. Perform nursing intervention  ,conduct educational session regarding preventive measures during child bearing and to children from birth to adolescence

  communication skills:

a. Conduct planned and incidental health teaching to clients

b. Communicate effectively with clients and health care team


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