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NUR 362

  NUR 362


Credit Hours: 2+2

Pre-requisites for this course:  NUR 353

Co-requisites for this course: NUR  363

For practical rotation:

Each student should pass by all of the following areas:

            1-Ante-Natel  department.

            2-Labor and Delivery  department.

            3-Post-Natal  department.


I am the clinical Instructor for the students in labor and delivery department.

So, Generally By the end of this course the student will be able to:

1. Understand the socio cultural and individual patterns in regard to Saudi family life and their influence on the health care of the family

2. Describe the anatomy and physiology of female reproductive system menstruation, pregnancy, labor, delivery and puerperium.

3. Describe the component of nursing care during maternity cycle

4. Apply the concept of health promotion and health maintenance of children from infancy through adolescence

5. Identify   the preventive and promotive aspects of care mother, children and families

Psychomotor skills

1. Demonstrate skills in providing comprehensive nursing care for mother and children from infancy to adolescence with common health problems

Communication skills

1.Conduct  planned and incidental health education to clients

2.Communicate  effectively with clients and health care team

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