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101 Zoo


General Zoology


4 ( 3+1 )


Study of general characteristics and classification of sub-kingdom protozoa, study models from protozoa, study models from invertebrates phyla (Phylum Borifera to Phylum Echinodermata), structure and functions of the animal cell, study of different animal tissues, study of the frog as a model for vertebrate animals.



102 Zoo


Principles of general zoology

(For College of Agriculture students. It is equivalent to 101 Zoo course)



4 ( 3+1 )


Cytogenetics, cell division, animal tissues, types of environments. Detailed study from sub-kingdom protozoa to phylum Mollusca and Echinodermata. Detailed study of a vertebrate animal (laboratory mouse) including structure and functions of various systems, effects of rodents on agriculture and methods of combating.


106 Zoo


Principles of general zoology

(For students of unified program (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medical sciences)



4 ( 3+1 )


Study of cell types, cell organelles, cell divisions, enzymes, genetic Mendel's laws, DNA structure, protein synthesis, genetic engineering, endocrine glands, hormones, nervous system, reproductive system in humans and vertebrates (structure and function).

112 Zoo


Invertebrate (Prerequisite : 101 Zoo)


4 ( 3+1 )


Study of invertebrate phyla including. each phylum and its classes, characteristics of each class with examples, study of morphological and internal structure of each example.


213 Zoo


Parasitology (Prerequisite : 101 Zoo)


3 ( 2+1 )


Brief study of parasites environment and distribution, study of various methods the parasites follow in their life cycles. Methods used in classification and nomenclature of parasites, effects of parasitism relationship in both parasite and host, classified, anatomical and diseased study for Protozoa, Platyhelminthes and Annelida plyla. Brief study on Arthropods characterized by medical importance and their effects on humans and domesticated animals.


499 Zoo


Research Project (Prerequisite : 101 Zoo)


3 ( 0+3 )


Use of scientific periodicals, looking for information in various information sources, Designing and executing practical experiments, analysis of results, writing the scientific reports.



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