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Curriculum vitae of

 Saleh A-R. Al- Quraishy


1.  Name

 Saleh A-R. Al- Quraishy

2. Present position

 Associate professor of Parasitology

3. Degree Obtained

Doctor of Philosophy

4. Academic Position

Associate Professor

5. Specialization

Zoology, Parasitology

6.  Field of interest        

     Parasitology, Biodiversity                                                             

7.  Contact address

   Dept. of Zoology

  College of Science

  King Saud University

  P. O. Box  2455, Riyadh 11451

Saudi Arabia

Tel.: +966-1-4675754;

 Fax: +966-1-4678514




8.   Year of Birth


9.   Nationality



10.  Marital Status




Academic History

        Degree Obtained                     Institution                         Year of Passing

                B. Sc.                King Saud University, Riyadh                          1988

                M. Sc.               King Saud University, Riyadh                           1998

                Ph. D                 King Saud University, Riyadh                           2004

  Employment History

         Position                                         From     To                             Employer

 Teacher of biology                                 1988  -  1993               Ministry of Education

Educational Supervisor                           1994  - 1999               Ministry of Education 

General Educational Supervisor             2000 – 2004                Ministry of Education

Head of Science Department                  2005 - 2007                Ministry of Education

 Assistant Professor                                 2007 - 2011                King Saud University

Associated Professor                                2011-                        King Saud University


Experiences and work shops


1.  Head of the committee for high School examination in biology for many years in                      the ministry of education.

 2.   Head of the correction committee of the general biology examination for many years     in                     the ministry of education

 3. Head of the general school laboratory group in the ministry of education.


4. Member of the committee of re-description of the biology book of the third year high     school.


5. Member of the editorial board of the Saudi Journal of the Life Word (Saudi Biological         Society).


6. Member of Globe ecological program in K.S.A. 



1-      Participation in the XVI International Congress of the German-Egyptian Society of Animal Science at the University of the Suez Canal in the period from 5 to 9 March 2006. (with paper).

2-       Participating in the Seventeenth International Conference of the Egyptian Society of German zoology at the University of Technology, Dresden, Germany from 11 - 07/07/1428 H. (with paper).

3-       Participation in the International Conference on the Arabian Oryx in the Arabian Peninsula at King Fahd Cultural dated 4/4/1428 H. (Attendance)

4-      Participation in the Conference of the Third Saudi Science new horizons in science and its applications in the period from 20 to 23 – 1- 1428H. (Attendance).




1-      The University Measures Towards World Recognition (held in King Saud University, 8-5-1430)

2-      Distinguished Publications in Nature & Science I (held in King Saud University, 6-6-1430)

3-      Distinguished Publications in Nature & Science II (held in King Saud University, 7-6-1430)

4-      International Publication of KSU Journals (ELSEVEIR) (held in King Saud University, 30-6-1430)

5-      The development of KSU Journals (ELSEVEIR) (held in King Saud University, 23-11-1430)

6-      Towards World Class University : Distinguished  Research & Publications (held in King Saud University, 1-2-1431)

7-      International Research Groups: Towards Scientific Excellence (held in King Saud University, 8-2-1431)

8-      How to Search ISI Web of Knowledge(held in King Saud University, 25-5-1431)

9-      Carnivory Initiative Flytrap meets High-Tech(held in King Saud University, 2-6-1431)


Scholarships and awards


1 - King Saud University Award for Excellence in Scientific Publishing for the academic year 1429-1430

2 - Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Scientific Publishing for the academic year 1429-1430

3 - Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Scientific Publishing for the academic year 1430-1431

4 - Award of Saudi Society for the life sciences for the patent 1431.

5-      Award of King Abdul Aziz and his talent for innovation 1431.


1-      Commission's decision to cultural and social committee, Zoology department since 1429 H.

2-      Member of Procurement committee,  Zoology Department since 1429.

3-      Member of labs and instruments committee, Zoology Department since1429.

4-      Member of Parasitology and Entomology group, Zoology Department since 1428.

5-      Member of graduate student and Employment committee, Zoology Department since 1429.


Membership of Scientific Associations

1-    Saudi Society for the Life Sciences since 1428.

2-    Member of the Egyptian German Society of Zoology since 1428.


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