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Books Recommended for Anesthesia and Intensive Care

Post-graduate Residents:

1.    Anesthesia  by Miller.

2.    Textbook of Anaesthesia by Aitkenhead, Rowbotham and Smith.

3.    Clinical Anesthesiology by Morgan and Mikhail.

4.    Anesthesiology Problem-Oriented Patient Management by Yao and Artusio

5.    Lee's Synopsis of Anaesthesia by Atkinson, Rushman and Davies.

6.    Anaesthetic by Equipment. Ward.

7.    Basic Physics and Measurement in Anaesthesia by Davis, Parbrook and Kenny.

8.    Understanding Anesthesia Equipment by Jerry Dorsch and Susan Drosch.

9.    Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics by Michael E. Winter.

10.                       Drugs and Anesthesia by Margaret Wood and Alastair Wood.

11.                       The ICU Book by Marino.




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