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044 Course MCQs Example
044 Course MCQs Example

Examples for 044 Course MCQs 


1.       Advantages of central venous access over the peripheral 

          route include:


            a.         easier to learn

            b.         results in fewer complications

            c.         does not require interruption of CPR

            d.         more rapid arrival of drugs at their sites of action



2.       Epinephrine:


            a.        stimulates dopaminergic, alpha and beta receptors

            b.        is the first drug administered in VF,

                      pulseless VT,  asystole, and pulseless  electrical activity

            c.       dilates coronary arteries, the primary reason for

                      administration in cardiac arrest

            d.       is a first-line drug in the management of the

                    symptomatic patient with a second-degree AV block, type I


3.       Select the INCORRECT statement regarding  

          endotracheal intubation:


            a.         whenever possible, cricoid pressure should be applied

                       by a second rescuer

            b.         endotracheal intubation should not precede initial

                       defibrillation attempts in VF

            c.         once an endtracheal tube is in place, ventilation should

                        be synchronized with chest compressions at a rate of 12


            d.       endotracheal intubation allows adjunctive ventilatory

                     equipment to be used  more effectively and with less


4.       The rigid pharyngeal catheter (Yankauer) is:


            a.         used to clear secretion through the endotracheal tube

            b.         used to clear secretions, blood clots, and other foreign

                        material from the   mouth and pharynx

            c.         used to clear secretion through the tracheostomy tube

            d.         used to clear secretions through the nasopharynx


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