Lecture outline of RDS 211


 Shcwartz 2nd edition 

Esthetic Inlays And Onlays

Part one (first lecture)


General considerations

The preparation of ceramic and resin composite inlays and onlays

Bases and liners

Provisional restoration

Adhesive  cementation

Preparing the restoration for bonding

Preparing the ceramic restoration

Preparing the resin composite

Preparing the tooth for bonding


Advantages of resin composite inlays over direct resin composite restorations

Secondary polymerization

Resin composite inlay systems



Esthetic Inlays And Onlays

Part two (second lecture)


Posterior bonded porcelain restorations



Shade selection for porcelain

Resin composite Vs porcelain

Porcelain onlay technique

CAD/CAM ceramic restorations

CAD/CAM systems

CEREC 3D system

CEREC 3D hardware and software

Construction process of CAD/CAM 3D ceramic restoration

Advantages of CAD/CAM technology

Disadvantages of CAD/CAM technology